Monday, September 11, 2006

Identity Service - a project or a product?

Recently found some information about an initiative called Identity Service by a company called CuteCircuit, obviously started by Francisca Rosella back in 2003. The company itself, with a first product called the Hug Shirt, was started in 2004. There's a research paper about this, which dates back to 2004. The basic idea behind it is shortly described:
Subscribers can decide to share or broadcast types of personal information through any type of connected device, such as a mobile phone or wearable interface. Through the wearable interface users gain access to ad-hoc identity networks created dynamically as they move through the day. If desired buildings, machines and computers could become smart through Bluetooth or WiFi networks, allowing a users identity needs to be serviced in real time in any place. Subscribers can also enrich their database profile with new information collected on the move, from other people.

I am wondering what kind of information is referred to, but maybe this is the company's very own secret, as the whole thing is patent pending.

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