Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fictional Identities

I just came accross a discussion about a user, lonelygirl15 (or Bree) on YouTube (also having an identity on MySpace), which raises the question about how real virtual identities should be. The LA Times has some more information about that story.

Although at first we tend to assume that there is a real person behind each user id, this obviously does not need to be the case. This raises the question how much we believe in videos, pictures or stories that are told. And as we start building up some relationship to user identities we do not know nor get the chance to meet personally, of course we may build up relationships to people that do not exist.

When it comes to collaborating, of course I cannot imagine anyone that would like to work with someone that they cannot trust. In other words, I get the impression that true collaboration has to involve not only asynchronous, but also synchronous exchange in order to prevent ourselves to waste our time on fakes.

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