Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Organizing Photographs (II)

It seems that every company offering a service that is remotely associable with the terms collaboration and web 2.0 is anxious at finding some additional features - by buying other companies. Latest example for this is Yahoo!, which is about to buy Ludicorp, the company behind flickr, in order to be able to offer location-based photo management. I certainly like the idea of being able to navigate to some place (e. g. where I would like to spend my vacation) and then be able to view photographs (or videos) related to that place. If I'm heading towards some larger city, no big deal as I can simply enter the name (New York, London, Rio, Tokyo, you name it), but if it's some remote place and I'm interested in knowing what the area looks like (and not necessarily interested in the looks of the town of my choice), it's a nice feature. Would be nice to combine semantic search and location-based information, though - perhaps with time context, too. But that's another story.

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