Thursday, August 31, 2006

Methods for self-regulating social networks ... and its implications?

Just read a note that a patent application from Microsoft was published regarding the self-regulation of social networks. According to the document, the invention provides

... a unique system and method that facilitates self-regulation of a social network system based at least in part on user behavior, and in particular on good or desirable user behavior. The system and method involve monitoring user behavior such as user activity and user interactions with other users and the network itself. Several factors can be weighed to determine whether the user behavior is good. Network assets or rights can be allocated to good users in the form of gifts or trade exchange opportunities whereas less desirable or bad users may not receive such gifts or trade opportunities or assets and rights might be revoked from them. By watching user behavior and promoting good behavior in this manner, the social network can be managed and self-regulated to optimize the utilization and distribution of both limited and unlimited assets (e.g., network created and user created assets or resources).

Maybe I'm not knowledgeable enough regarding patent-related issues, but I would not have thought that it's possible to apply for the above. Maybe it just sounds too straightforward to me.

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