Monday, July 17, 2006

Sharing huge emails

I don't really know whether this is needed, but there's this new service called Pando combining P2P filesharing with traditional e-mail. If I understand this correctly, when sendig some multimedia attachment, that will only result in a small file being transferred which takes care of fetching the real data via P2P connections and so-called supernodes operated by Pando.

While this enables the transfer of files up to 1 gigabyte, I am unsure whether it would not be wiser to upload files of that size to some server and only send the link to the person I would like to share my attachment with. Another question that I would like to raise is whether I would really have a certain guaranteed uptime of those servers so I can really get what I want.

Any thoughts on this? How and why would you use such a service?

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