Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Click your own WikiBook

While Wikipedia has become the favorite dictionary for many people (or should I say, users), the Wikimedia foundation has gone beyond a pure online encyclopedia with its offerings Wiktionary, an open-source online dictionary, Wikiquote, an international collection of quotations, WikiBooks, the so-called open-content textbooks collection, Wikisource, a free library, wikinews, a free news source, Wikimedia Commons, a database of media files, and finally, Wikispecies, a dictionary of life. While not having used any of these besides the original Wikipedia, it is now possible to configure one's own wikipedia excerpt by selecting from categories and subcategories, including recommended articles and other ways of getting together relevant items. This is a service offered by Brainbot and is called PediaPress. According to German heise newsticker, the articles are taken from the database dump which is created every 5 to 10 days.

Certainly an interesting service - still I am wondering if I'd probably go for an edited book on some topic that is of interest to me. But personal issues aside, the real question is not really related to PediaPress, but rather refers to the categories and subcategories. Is this actually part of the job of the folks involved with Wikipedia to take care of the categories that can be found there? Are they in some way related to library classification schemes? Looking forward to hearing your replies on this!

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