Thursday, June 14, 2007

More semantics for social networks!

Profiles are difficult to generate (you mostly need metadata). And profiles are difficult to match (takes a substantial amount of computing power). That is why we see a large variety of services on the Web which work based on communities, such as Qype. So far, it's been German only, but today, Qype has their UK launch party, so I'm quite excited about how this interactive city magazine will evolve. Recommendations in Qype and elsewhere are, then, based on who your friends or acquaintances are. That is, if you trust someone to write good reviews and add that person to your list, then your're regularly updated on what that person writes about.

What's even better is that some services, including blogs and other regularly updated sites that you like reading, have RSS feeds, which you may nicely feed into twitter - and then, you can get a mixture of interesting contributions (based on your "profile") on your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Besides these technical issues, what I learnt is that if you base your service on virtual communities, they need some real equivalence on one hand (i. e. meeting the people in real life, or at least some of them, that you like by their contributions). On the other hand, you need to take care of your community by giving them some motivation to stay tuned.

These are all nice experiences, but what happens if your personal network grows too big? Then you probably need some more semantics which contributions to feed you first. But I am only starting to think about all this, so any thoughts on this are welcome!

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