Thursday, June 28, 2007

Keeping track of community services

The current hype are communities with user-generated content - starting from pure weblogs with their blogrolls, media sharing sites (flick.r, youtube), bookmarking services (, Mr. Wong), recommendation sites (Qype, DaWanda), genealogy sites and others. (I'm sure someone out there must have a more comprehensive overview). Some of these services intentionally try to look flashy and innovative (especially the ones being implemented in Flash). But how do I really keep track of all these services I am subscribed to (and I am not going to ask how to have the time to take care of all this)?

Enter Facebook, which is called a social utility by their creators (for some more information look into mashable, TechCrunch and Wikipedia). Actually, it'a kind of service aggregator plus social network, which may help structuring the own set of subscribed services.

Like most of the cited services, this one also lives from advertisements - but I am not sure what the consequences of alternative ad revenue models such as pay-per-action will be. While it seems relatively easy to find potential investors for services which label themselves as Web 2.0, only time will tell if the revenues will be sufficient in the long run, especially if there are many competitors.

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