Friday, January 16, 2009

Mobile Tagging

This is no new topic, actually, as mobile tagging has been around for some years now. I am currently reading an interesting study issued by the German consulting company DETECON (in English).

After explaining the current state of tagging, two classes of scenarios are discussed, namely pull tagging (the user actively focuses on a tag with his mobile phone to retrieve some additional information or to execute a related activity), and push tagging (mobile codes are sent to the mobile device via SMS or MMS).

In the second case, in order to avoid unwanted tags being sent to the user, it seems clear to me that some kind of profiling is needed in order to take into accout the user's current context (e. g. location), or his interests (e. g. deduced from the history of previously retrieved tags). Otherwise, barcodes will be experienced as pure advertisements and not be taken into account by end users.

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Dr. Matthias O. Will said...

If keywords are coded into the barcode, and such barcodes are attached to billboard advertisements, it is possible to create a user profile by tracking from which ads additional information was retrieved.