Thursday, August 07, 2008

Business models for e-news

As a recent study entitled The medium is the message by PriceWaterhouseCoopers shows, consumers are not prepared to pay more than half the sum they would pay for a printed magazine. So, if the printed magazine already contains a great number of advertisements to cover the publishing costs, what kind of business models do we expect for online publications if the prize to be charged is low to non-existent? If many consumers see digital-only content as a substitute for printed content, it is hard to argue that the online version of a publication will create only minor additional costs, thus it can live without ads.

The question is what kind of advertisements can be offered to customers so they are not bothered or annoyed, but find them helpful and a hint to useful resources or services - or how to bundle media consumption with other services (such as an internet connection or IPTV service with additional value), thus charging the end user a competitive fee so the included media delivery costs are not experienced as an additional burden. What would an additional value that customers are prepared to value appropriately be like if publishers in Britain and North America expect to generate as much as 20% of their total revenues from digital platforms within the next five years, while in Europe, it is only 10%?

An interesting idea seems to be a stronger interaction between official media providers and blog articles, but this needs a bit more thinking.

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