Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mobile Tagging

Apparently a white paper regarding mobile tagging was just published, but somehow it is not available currently. That seems like a new term, somewhat confusing to me, because tagging means to place a tag (i. e. a word) to describe a resource (most often, a piece of text). On the other hand, mobile tagging means to decode a barcode (either EAN13 or 2D) via a mobile phone and use this ID to access information regarding the "tagged" resource.

Well, the first benefit seems obvious, namely the improvement of user interaction, as everyone knows how tedious it is to enter URLs on a mobile device. The second one relates to bridging the divide between the real and virtual world: any resource in real life can be associated with a tag, and any function can be associated that takes the resource's id and performs an action, such as retrieving information or placing an EBay auction, buy a concert ticket or initiate a media download - the possibilities seem endless.

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